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What is KeyMe?

Using the more than a decades old trick, babies love playing with our keys. Different from their other toys, they are cool to the touch, shiny and make a jingly sound. We have tried to replace our regular keys with plastic alternatives (but who wants that stuff).

We even tried making wooden keys (a porous breeding ground for bacteria) but they are hard to keep clean or disinfect without ruining them and if your babies are anything like ours were, they aren’t easily fooled.

We took some old unused keys and washed them, others create a set at the local hardware store. It seems like a good idea but they are sharp and once you learn that household and car keys often contain dangerous amounts of lead and other materials, you will want to stay away!

KeyMe rattles

This is why we made KeyMe Figurines out of Medical Grade Surgical Stainless Steel – it is safe for babies and imitates the look and feel of a real key.

We know stainless steel is safe for babies as we put it in our mouths every day when we eat from stainless steel utensils. Our entire line of products is made of 100% surgical stainless steel. (Specifically the stainless steel we use is 316L stainless, sourced in the EU)

Meant to be purchased in a set or 2 or more, KeyMe Figurines are a premium surgical stainless steel rattle,
teething toy, fidget toy, bangle and animal figurine all in one. We designed the bracelet/bangle to be both a holder for the figurines that is easy to hold and wear for baby, mom or dad and can be attached almost anywhere. They also double as an elegant bracelet or attaching 2 or more, they become another jingly fidget toy for baby.