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Our tale

KeyMe: Dad designed,
baby inspired

As with many parents, my children were my inspiration
however my motivation was create a product that was non-toxic,
safe and where all materials were locally sourced.


Like most first time parents we had no idea what to do with our cranky baby.

We couldn’t even sit for 5 minutes in peace and quiet most of the time! We tried all the toys but nothing worked… then I remembered KEYS… and it worked!!

Then the KeyMe idea was born, but we were not the first. We found other companies with similar products but we thought we can do better. Not better for us but better for the kids and the environment.


We currently have 5 animal friends and we plan to expand the range to 50+.

As we are all different, we wanted to allow for true diversity as in the animal world.

We personally hand built our small but efficient factory. We design each of the figurines individually taking extreme care not only to adhere but to exceed all European safety standards. We designed our bracelet/bangle to be safe and simple, useful but elegant.